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You may have heard of Matthew Poll Indicators as they correlate to day trading – software tools to help you decide when to buy or sell a currency pair – something Matthew Poll and Kevin Jones developed over 20 years ago when they launched their company Matthew Poll Day Trading.

But what of life indicators? How do you know when you’re personally on the right track?

Let’s take a look.

Courage and a go-and-get-it attitude have replaced fear and greed.

You aren’t afraid to step up and try something new. You learn because it’s the right time and the right place to learn it. You want to improve your life. Learning the ropes and implementing them is a great teacher to living the life you want.

You have a desire to scale and evolve your life.

As with day trading, your life isn’t always the same. On any given day you meet new people, are confronted with obstacles, work out challenges with your family, and make changes to your life. None of us live in a bubble, but we might be stuck in the mud. Life is about change. The sooner we accept that, and move on, despite the challenges, the sooner we will have the life we’ve been seeking.

You’re not afraid to take a risk.

Life is about choices and not all of them will lend the results you want. But you don’t give up. Like the Energizer Bunny, you keep on going. You learn from every choice you make and are a better person because of it.

You see your limitations.

You step away from day trading and/or the busyness of life when you need to – when stress is high and you feel yourself drowning or you’re tired or need a break. You know when to sit back and breathe, take a nap, or focus on something else.

You read.

You’re in a constant flux of knowledge. You never say, “I know everything now.” You frankly admit that you are changing and that you haven’t read every book or talked with every individual on the planet. There is always room for growth, even if you’re 80.

You’re willing to share your knowledge.

Whether you meet your new friend in a day trading chat room, or up the street, you’re open to sharing your knowledge with the outside world. You are not selfish about this. You realize people come into your life for various reasons, and that hoarding knowledge never helped you or anyone else. Connections help you to grow.

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