Matthew Poll Trading California for Utah Interview

Utah entrepreneur Matthew Poll was recently interviewed about what it was like trading living in California for living in Utah. Furthermore, Matt was also asked several questions regarding cryptocurrency. You can find that interview at

See the transcript from this interview below:

Matthew Poll Trading California for Utah Transcript

“At first, it was difficult. I think there’s a California pride when you move from the state. beaches, mountains within an hour of both sides. I don’t know. But I think your environment, you you love what you know. And you’re resist change.

And so I think moving for anyone, especially permanently, you know that’s a it can be a challenging thing for me it was for business at the time. I had a motivation to be here, even though we moved in the middle of winter with snow. And about two years, I think it took about two years being here. And then being able to compare it to California that I was like, I would never go back, you know, unless I was retired, and then have to pay their insane taxes that they have right now.

So yeah, I think I love Utah, because it’s, I’m in business, it’s a business friendly state. Cost of living is going up here in Utah a ton. But compared to California, it’s like, like, he still gets uncomfortable. And Utah’s outdoors are different, you know, we don’t have the beaches. But the mountains here are very different than the mountains in California. Also the things to do here. I mean, we have amazing lakes amazing outdoors, and the laws that we have to do things outdoors are way more, there’s way more freedom, like to take a dirt bike, or, you know, something out into the wilderness in California. It’s like how many permits? Do you need to even do that? And here, it’s just so different, so much, so many, so many more freedoms to explore?”

What Makes Utah Better for Business than California?

“That’s a great question. The there’s no question that Utah is on the radar for, like best states in the country to run a business. The I mean, the evidence just points to that. Even if I didn’t give you an explanation, just the the fact that businesses are moving here and leaving other states is evidence that there’s something going on here the businesses.

What I will say is Utah’s corporate, state taxes are favorable. Utah’s laws around businesses are favorable. And Utah isn’t looking to screw their businesses to help their economy. They’re not looking to overtax their business, they understand the structure of economy that if you have solid businesses, you’re gonna have solid, low unemployment, right?

You’re gonna have people who are getting paid well, because the businesses are thriving, and they’re not getting squeezed in every angle, where a lot of states think, oh, and we need to increase taxes, they punish the businesses. And then one of the businesses do well, there are 50 other states in this country that they can go to or worse, they leave the country altogether. So the way to incentivize the economy that way, incentivize higher wages, better cost of living, is lower taxes for businesses of Utah is doing a great job of that.”

matthew poll trading california for utah

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About Matthew Poll

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Matthew Poll, AKA Matt Poll, is an entrepreneur, investor and life coach based out of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Furthermore, he is the co founder of GTF, a company which he helped establish in September of 2008.

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