Being All In – Part One

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I’ve recently been having some thoughts on what “Being All In” really means Watch this training below to see my take. Transcript of Being All In by Matthew Poll “Last week, we did our move. I had this commitment. This is CJ, dear friend of mine, who made an invitation a long time ago to […]

Matthew Poll Utah Success

Watch the video below to learn more about Matthew Poll Utah from California and Why It’s Great. Furthermore, what he thinks makes it stand apart from other states. Matthew Poll Utah Ties “I’m originally from California. And one of the main reasons that our business is in Utah, and I moved here to start a […]

Matthew Poll’s Day Trading Roots

How did I get into day trading? Furthermore, why did I decide to start a day trading business during the terrible markets around 2008? Watch the video below to learn more about my day trading roots. Matthew Poll Day Trading The way that I got introduced to trading was when we began our trading company, […]

Your Power of Being is the Answer

I’ve recently been having some thoughts on the the difference and similarities between Power vs. Force in the workplace. Watch this training below to see my takes on these two seemingly opposite factors and how they can help being more power into your life. Power of Being I have been looking at having access to […]

Do You Struggle to Create Habits?

If you struggle to create habits this might be just what you have been waiting for. If there is something you keep saying you will do in your health, wealth, or relationships you may actually really want to do it and the habit is just not there. Why do we struggle to create a habit? […]

Have a Plan, Work Your Plan

Having a plan is crucial. In addition, how and if you work it is imperative. A plan by itself does nothing. There are millions of books and videos with plans in them that people never apply or have actual results around. What do we do around the plans we have and how we work them. […]

21 Beliefs of the Rich

I wanted to share my discovery around attracting money and having it be something that lives for you with ease and simplicity. In this video I will be challenging your beliefs around money. Furthermore, that how it occurs to you will be more true to create the very thing you are wanting. About the 21 […]

You Are Taught to Be Poor

In the video below, I discuss how you are actually taught and bombarded with information that keeps you poor. As a result, it may seem almost impossible to overcome the lack of wealth. What teaches you to be poor? In a world full of different beliefs the one most of us have been taught is […]

First Impressions

Get The Results You Want In the video below, I discuss how you look at the person showing up in a first impression. This may be a call, however, it can also include face-to-face meetings. How you show up here is vital and not taken seriously by most professionals. The Make-Up ofFirst Impressions First Impressions […]

What Do You Really Want?

I think it is funny that we spend so much time chasing the next thing, doing our daily routines and most of us are not clear on what we want. If I asked, “do you have what you want written down somewhere?” Most people would not and when asked they wouldn’t even be clear on […]