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  • Matthew Poll Scamper Technique
    Matthew Poll SCAMPER Summary In the following article titled Matthew Poll Scamper Technique, a summary of the SCAMPER Technique is given. This technique is one of the easiest to learn and practice. It revolves around the idea that every new creation is simply a modification or different version of a previous thing. Matthew Poll SCAMPER […]
  • Are You In The Game: Part Five – Fear
    Fear Keeps Us In The Stands? So what keeps us in the stands, being in your head definitely keeps you in the stands. I mean, like you’re having the conversation up here. Talking about the game keeps you in the stands. What we’re doing now actually can keep you in the stands. It’s so important […]
  • Are You In The Game: Part Four – Rules
    Spirituality = Rules? But there’s this misconception that the people that have the most rules or obey them the most are the most spiritual. And that’s just not true. Because you might have really bad structures, you might have really awful rules that actually don’t work. They don’t attract. And they’re actually limiting beliefs that […]
  • Are You In The Game: Part Three
    The Game of Spirituality So last, but definitely not least your spirituality and I could talk about this topic for hours. But before we do, I want to set this up. Spirituality is not a religious context. It is influenced often by religion, but it’s not a religious context. Spirituality is performance. It actually is […]
  • Are You In The Game: Part Two
    Are You In The Game? Even doing this training does not have me in the game. When it comes to relationships, it’s very less, it’s very non interactive with you. What I am doing is I’m, I’m sharing who I am, I’m exposing myself to you. But there’s, you know, there’s so many people on […]
  • Matthew Poll: “Are you in the game?” – Part One
    Scamming Yourself Into Believing You’re In The Game Do you know if you’re in the game or not around these areas? Around the things that Trent just talked about? How do I know if I’m actually in the game? Before we get started, here’s how I’d like to set you up. The value in knowing […]
  • Matthew Poll Trading Secrets – Being All In (Part Two)
    I’ve recently been having some thoughts on what “Being All In” really means. CLICK HERE to see Part One of this training. Watch this training below to see part two my take. Excerpts fromMatthew Poll Trading Secrets –Being All In (Part Two) The following are excerpts from Matthew Poll Trading Secrets – Being All In […]
  • Matthew Poll’s Day Trade For Good Creates 12k Meals w/ $12k Donation
    Matthew Poll’s Day Trade For Good Creates 12k Meals w/ $12k Donation Matthew Poll’s Day Trade For Good recently pledged to donate all earnings from its $10 Trader Lite signup fee to Tony Robbins’ Feeding America. Response from Tony Robbins’ Feeding America: “I can’t thank you enough for the incredible generosity you showed with your […]
  • Being All In – Part One
    I’ve recently been having some thoughts on what “Being All In” really means Watch this training below to see my take. Transcript of Being All In by Matthew Poll “Last week, we did our move. I had this commitment. This is CJ, dear friend of mine, who made an invitation a long time ago to […]
  • Matthew Poll Utah Success
    Watch the video below to learn more about Matthew Poll Utah from California and Why It’s Great. Furthermore, what he thinks makes it stand apart from other states. Matthew Poll Utah Ties “I’m originally from California. And one of the main reasons that our business is in Utah, and I moved here to start a […]
  • Matthew Poll’s Day Trading Roots
    How did I get into day trading? Furthermore, why did I decide to start a day trading business during the terrible markets around 2008? Watch the video below to learn more about my day trading roots. Matthew Poll Day Trading The way that I got introduced to trading was when we began our trading company, […]
  • Your Power of Being is the Answer
    I’ve recently been having some thoughts on the the difference and similarities between Power vs. Force in the workplace. Watch this training below to see my takes on these two seemingly opposite factors and how they can help being more power into your life. Power of Being I have been looking at having access to […]
  • Do You Struggle to Create Habits?
    If you struggle to create habits this might be just what you have been waiting for. If there is something you keep saying you will do in your health, wealth, or relationships you may actually really want to do it and the habit is just not there. Why do we struggle to create a habit? […]

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About Matthew Poll

Matthew Poll, AKA Matt Poll, is an entrepreneur, investor and life coach based out of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Furthermore, he is the CEO of GTF, a company which he helped co-found in September of 2008.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys traveling, boating, riding dirt bikes, and many other activities. You can also find him sitting near Larry H. Miller court in Vivint Smart Home Arena at most of the Utah Jazz games.

If there’s one thing Matthew enjoys, it is seeing growth and progression in his personal life, business endeavors and friendships. One recent highlight of this was being able to attend Tony Robins’ 2019 event in Las Vegas, where he and his business partner won awards for business mastery.


After more than a decade of creating, owning and operating businesses, Matthew’s coaching helps others on their own path. This was a small operation at first, with a few clients meeting weekly to improve their mindset and belief system. Over time, Matthew’s following increased, allowing him the opportunity to coach dozens of CEOs across a variety of industries.


Philanthropy and charitable giving has always been a theme throughout Matthew’s business and investment endeavors. He recognizes the connection between wealth and charity. As a result, he always makes sure they go hand-in-hand when making his business decisions. Above all, helping people and giving to those less fortunate is the foundation of Matt’s beliefs.


Matthew Poll has been able to help more than 20 CEOs navigate the challenges that come with business endeavors. These CEOs come from a wide variety of industries. Read what they have to say about Matthew’s influence here.

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