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..Master your BELIEFS..

..Master your ACTIONS..

..Master your LIFE..

At the heart of my work lies a profound commitment: to help others win and thrive. 

This isn’t just about monetary gain, although those I coach often see remarkable financial benefits. It’s about something deeper, more enduring.

My greatest motivation is to guide fellow entrepreneurs through the maze of their own strengths and limitations, helping them find that critical balance between knowledge and action. In my business model, the focus is always on substantial performance coaching, where success is not a fleeting moment but a sustained experience. The individuals I work with don’t just enjoy the immediate rewards; they often express a deeper sense of success and fulfillment in various aspects of their lives, long after our sessions conclude. 

This is the essence of my purpose: to not only foster immediate growth and success but to ignite a lasting transformation that transcends professional achievements.


Matthew Poll “Gets by Giving”

Over the last seven months, I’ve received weekly coaching calls with Matthew Poll that have caused me to notice tremendous growth in both my business and personal life. It’s a really powerful feeling to know that someone is in your corner and willing to go to bat for you.

Matthew approaches everything from a standpoint that he is willing assist in any way that he can, as long as you’re willing to take the first step. He’s coached me on things for my business that never would’ve occurred to me on my own. Things such as tracking data, marketing, and HR. All of which have have transformed me and my thinking on how to show up not only in work but in life as a whole.

I barely remember the person who I was this time last year.

Ben L.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Matthew Poll “Goes To Bat” For You

I’ve known Matthew Poll for a couple years now and it has been to my great benefit. Matt is not only a terrific businessman, he is a fantastic person with a big heart.

One of the business traits I admire is his ability to quickly examine a situation, bring it down to its essence and recommend a solution that gets things back on track and moving forward.

Matt, however, does this in a very clever way. He gets by giving. Matt asks questions that lead you to figure out the answer versus telling you the answer. And because that, the fix has more buy-in as well as being is more enduring and sustaining .

I always feel better off and grateful when I’ve been able to spend time and consult with him.

Paul M.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you want to achieve, work with Matthew Poll

About two years ago, I began a business venture that led me to work closely with Matthew Poll. I had never owned my own business before and was honestly terrified to do so. I heard horror stories of people losing everything not knowing what they were doing or how to handle problems as they arose. That’s what led me to look for a coach.

I thought all I wanted was a proven entrepreneur to help guide me in the inevitable ups and downs of owning your own business, which I absolutely got with Matt. What I didn’t know I needed/wanted was someone who only sees the most powerful you and helps you understand how to be that person in any situation. It was never only about having someone knew the problems that would arise in my business, life is always happening. It’s having someone there to help you see those problems as opportunities and how you already have everything you need right now. It is only a matter of accessing it.

If you find you want to achieve something you haven’t, faster than you ever thought possible, work with Matt.

Nina J.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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